Adult Basketball

2016 South Bay F.O.R. Classic - Adult Division

21st Annual Invitational Basketball Classic

Follow the Directions Below to Register:

1) Download the Player Waiver Form Here and bring the signed form to the first game.

2) Register & Pay Here.


Dates November 25th, 26th, 27th 2015

Men's Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper & Tin

Women's Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper & Tin

Master's (40 years and over) - Upper & Lower & Between

Entry Fee $425.00 (all divisions)

Roster Changes

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Registration, Waivers & Payment are due by October 30th, 2016:

Questions? Please email any questions to:

Tournament Rules

  1. All games including the championship game will be two twenty-minute running time halves.
  2. The last 15 seconds of the first half and the last 2 minutes of the second half will be stop time for all games.
  3. If the point spread at the 2 minute mark of the second half is 16 points or more, the clock will remain running for the remainder of the game.
  4. A 30 second shot clock will be available on request and continues on for the remainder of the game.
  5. Tied games:
    • The first overtime will be two minutes stop time. Second overtime will be sudden death.
    • Championship games will have a second two minute overtime. Third is sudden death.
  6. Time Outs:
    • Two full plus two 30 second time-outs per game.
    • One additional time-out will be awarded for each overtime.
  7. Players may play for only one team. (masters division excluded)
  8. Eligibility:
    • Men's - Players must meet SCNAU eligibility requirements to participate. Players who do not meet the above criteria will be allowed to participate provided they are current members of South Bay, OCSA or Titans leagues.
    • Women's - Players must meet SCWAU eligibility requirements to participate. Players who do not meet the above criteria may petition to play. Approval is subject to review by the tournament committee.
  9. Tee shirts will be given for First, Second, Third and Participation. In line with SBFOR club ideologies, MVP and All-star Tee shirts have been eliminated. A maximum of ten shirts will be given per team.
  10. Teams must wear similar color uniforms with permanent numbers on both front & back. Tape will not be allowed to make or alter a number. The home team will be required to change jerseys if there is a conflict in color. The team on the top of the bracket is the home team. One team technical will be assessed to begin the game for all violations. Two foul shots for the team technical.
  11. There is a 10 minute grace period for all games. You must have five players to start the game.
  12. Each player is responsible for their own medical insurance and will be required to sign an individual player waiver of liability prior to participation.
  13. Any roster changes after the submission deadline of Novemeber 7th, 2015 must be made through your Division Coordinators (representative) and must be approved by the tournament committee.
  14. The tournament committee will deal with any unsportsmanlike actions. The tournament committee reserves the right to suspend any person for unsportsmanlike behavior.
  15. No alcoholic beverages or smoking are allowed on any school campus. If you are caught by school personnel with either substance you may jeopardize your teams future participation in the tournament.
  16. The decisions of the Division Coordinators (representatives) and Tournament Committee are final.